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amnosxmatsujun's subbing comm: subbing the "leftovers" of the Arashi fandom!

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Regarding subbed files:
1. DO NOT UPLOAD to online streaming sites.

2. DO NOT SELL subs for profit.

3. DO NOT REPOST links (reuploading and linking counts as reposting).

4. DO NOT CLAIM as your own.

5. DO NOT REPOST files elsewhere.

6. DO NOT REENCODE files (includes other formats).

Regarding translations:
1. DO NOT RETRANSLATE into other languages.

2. DO NOT USE without permission.

3. My radio translations are NOT FOR SUBBING PURPOSES.

4. PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST before using my lyrics translations for k-subbing.

Regarding the community:
Please be courteous and respectful of other members. I want this place to be a comfy, rainbowy community; I hope you all feel the same. :)

project list

☆ Major subbing projects can be found on the sidebar.

☆ Requests can be made HERE. Please read the directions before commenting there. ^^

"The" Projects List

☆The answer to the most asked question about my comm: "Where are your old files?"
A: They are ALL archived here. Please check under the tags to find what you're looking for (ex: "arawaza" for Arashi no Waza-ari). If you're a member of this community, you have access to ALL OLD AND FUTURE RELEASES!


I translate lyrics, radio shows, and magazine articles over at my personal LJ. Please refer to the links below for in-progress and completed translations! :D

[[In-progress: Translating]]

[[Completed: Translations]]

[[Completed: Lyrics Translations]]

about me

translator. subber. interpreter. fan since 1996. aiba-baited. nino :3 ninoai. cellist. watermelon. spontaneous flailing. night owl. is as much an artist as sho. oh yeah!

For those interested in knowing a bit more. ;) Favorite color: yellow xD

credits & thanks

☆Comm layout by mentahelada, customized by matchalie

☆Profile layout by gossymer

☆Collaboration projects with a_ranchu

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